I got angry.. (music upload, bass, angry stream of consciousness)

So I’m posting up some of my older music that I recorded. I snapped a link to the old drummer from Echo and the Bunnymen, Pete de Freitas, my favorite drummer ever, who also unfortunately joined the 27 Club. Then I realized, that the one reason I even play (what you could call) music is because of Cliff Burton.

I sat back, and reflected. And I got angry. Basically, my two favorite artists ever are dead. Taken from us before their times. Yet, there’s no shortage of awful, wretched people. No, Cliff and Pete were the ones that had to go. God dammit, I got angrier than I’ve let myself get in a long time.

So I did something I have never, ever, done before. I turned on my recording software and hit the shiny red button, and recorded almost 5 minutes of stream of consciousness playing. I let how I felt come out through my bass. I even pulled out my old Ibanez for this.

If you want to hear what 5 minutes of someone going berserk on their bass with anger sounds like…well, follow the link below. (note, Metallica fans will get a little more out of this than those who are not)

Listen to “Stream Of Consciousness: Anger (bass)

One of these days, I’m going to write a tribute to Cliff Burton on my bass.

5 responses to “I got angry.. (music upload, bass, angry stream of consciousness)

  1. I tried to get to the song but it crashed my internet. I went to high school with some of the Metallica guys. Didn’t really like them.
    I may put music on this crazy magic box someday, but I fear that it will be stolen. How lame is that?

    • That not’s good, I’m not supposed to be uploading things that crash people’s systems. It’s an mp3 just like all the other music files I’ve uploaded. So I dunno what’s up with that. I’ll rummage around and see what I can find out.

      And if I knew those guys personally, I’m certain I would’ve hated them…but I have to give credit where it’s due, you know?

      I’ve avoided being “on” the Internet for 15 years, when I finally said screw it. Stolen means at least my crap lives on in some form. Otherwise, it dies when I do.


      • First of all, I am a computer moron, and it was my fault. Our computer has been crashing already, so no worries.
        And I agree about the ‘having your crap live on’ thing. I sort of started this blog so my kids kids could get to know me if I croak soon. That’s why I am keeping it sort of clean and respectable. I need to start a blowing off steam blog.

      • That stuff is important, and I’ve been wondering how I could incorporate my darker, profanity laden rants and raves on my blog…those outlets are important I think.

        Maybe an “R-Rated” tab, or, “Not for kids” page or something, that’s a page, and not a post, so it won’t show up anywhere.

        I’m still thinking about it.

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